Launch bases and the associated facilities are essential for access to space and contribute to the launchers reliability.

The designers and operators of the facilities have made considerable improvements in performance, quality, operations and public safety, protection of properties and the environment. With regard to the evolution of heavy launchers with their reusable stages, the launch bases and facilities must adapt.

In the same time as a new space world appears. The interfaces with the existing launch bases are at the heart of the discussions.

This symposium, organized by CNES, is a new opportunity for all stakeholders in launch and test facilities from around the world to consider the present state of the art and the major developments to those facilities.

This symposium will also give the possibility for the emerging players of the new space world to express their needs and expectations in a dedicated launch system.

For this purpose, we are offering a competition to emerging companies in the space sector which will consist of presenting their expectations in a modern launch base.

This competition is called « New space start-up’s needs: Which launch base for a new mini/micro launchers company? »

We look forward to your participation in this event.

CNES Space Transportation Director
Symposium President


The symposium will focus on:

  1. Launch Range Facilities
  2. Launch Complexes
  3. Test Facilities
  4. New space start-up’s needs: Which launch base for a new mini/micro launchers company?


Opening of the abstract soumission
11 April 2022

Abstract submission deadline
31 May 2022

Notification to authors
27 June 2022

Registration site open
27 June 2022

Programme online
12 September 2022

Full papers due
14 November 2022